Balkan Shipyard and KOMEA Sign $42 Million Contract

Balkan Shipyard and KOMEA Sign $42 Million Contract
Work operations at the Balkan Shipyard and Ship Repair Plant

Balkan Shipyard and the Korea Marine Equipment Association (KOMEA) have signed a contract for the design, joint construction and supply of components for Multipurpose Carriers class vessels with a displacement of 6,100 tons for a total amount of US$42 million, the Gukjenews reports.

The details of the Contract emerged from an official request for cooperation received from the Balkan Shipyard. It indicates that there have been increased contacts between KOMEA and the state customers from Turkmenistan, who possess contemporary infrastructure and production facilities.

The import of South Korean technology is expected to be a factor in strengthening ties between Ashgabat and Seoul. "This project opens up an opportunity to create a basis for overseas exports for our small and medium-sized ship and marine equipment manufacturing enterprises, allowing them to dominate the relevant Caspian Sea market," commented the Contract at KOMEA's Russian branch in St Petersburg.

MPC 6.1K class multipurpose vessels can carry both bulk cargo and containers. Their characteristics are most suitable for the water areas of the Caspian Sea, the Volga and Don rivers, and the Black Sea. The vessel is 128 metres long and 16.5 metres wide.

The management of Türkmendeňizderýaýollary (Turkmen Maritime and River Transport) agency held a meeting with representatives of the Korean Marine Equipment Association (KOMEA) and Koryo Shipbuilding Industry Technology. Co., Ltd. (KSIT). During the meeting, the parties discussed the project for constructing two dry cargo ships at the Balkan Shipyard and Ship Repair Plant.



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