About us

Born in 2019, Business Turkmenistan (BT) is a business news and information service accredited to operate in Turkmenistan. BT connects established businesses, start-up companies, investors, entrepreneurs, importers, exporters, and consumers to a dynamic network of news, information and ideas by accurately delivering business information, news and insights to audiences in Turkmenistan and around the world in Turkmen, English, Russian and Turkish languages. The company’s headquarters is located in Ashgabat – the capital city of Turkmenistan widely recognized as the Heart of the Great Silk Road.

Our team is constantly updating our products and services to meet the needs of our audience both in Turkmenistan and around the world. We preserve integrity and accuracy in the gathering and dissemination of information, news and news analysis. BT receives support and guidance from a national network of journalists, editors, experts, lawyers, video crews and photographers. Our news and information service covers a wide range of subjects, including private sector, manufacturing industry, agriculture, energy, construction, transportation, communications, technology, trade, service sector, and banking and finance.

BT attracts talented and experienced professionals who produce the best news report while maintaining the highest professional standards of journalism. We help them create in-depth and original reporting in the public interest and provide analysis that readers need to better understand the business environment in Turkmenistan and throughout the Central Asian region. Our commentators are experts in their fields who offer informed viewpoints on significant issues to enrich the lives of our readers and help them navigate business decisions.

BT Code of Ethics

Our journalists, reporters and editors:

  • Take responsibility for the accuracy of their work;
  • Verify news and information before releasing it;
  • Remember that neither speed nor format excuses inaccuracy;
  • Gather, update and correct information throughout the life of a news story;
  • Provide more complete information as appropriate;
  • Never distort facts or context, including visual information;
  • Identify sources clearly;
  • Never plagiarize. Always attribute;
  • Do not use their positions to promote their own personal agendas or causes;
  • Do not write about any subject in which they have a personal financial interest.