Tibet Turkmen and Akar Tekstil Offer Bonds For Purchase

Tibet Turkmen and Akar Tekstil Offer Bonds For Purchase
Consultation at the Ashgabat Stock Exchange, Turkmenistan

The companies Akar Tekstil and Tibet Turkmen offer individuals and legal entities to purchase bonds.

Each company has issued 10,000 corporate bonds, registered in accordance with the Law of Turkmenistan "On the Securities Market" and listed on the Ashgabat Stock Exchange (www.agb.com.tm).

The nominal value of the bonds is 1,000 manats. A total of 10,000 bonds have been issued for a total amount of 10 million manats. The annual interest rate on Tibet Turkmen bonds is 6 percent, while for Akar Tekstil it is 7 percent. The term of the bonds is 4 years, and the interest payment schedule is quarterly. The minimum quantity of bonds that can be purchased by one person is 10.

Akar Tekstil is a major producer of hosiery in Turkmenistan, known under the trademark AKAR, while Tibet Turkmen is one of the largest producers of confectionery products, known under the trade names Balşeker and Kirpi. 

For information on purchasing bonds, individuals should contact a professional participant in the securities market, the brokerage company Ynamly Dellal.