Turkmenistan Hosts Military Field Exercises

Turkmenistan Hosts Military Field Exercises
Military field exercises in the Balkan Province of Turkmenistan, May 29, 2024

Military and law enforcement leaders convened in western region of Balkan in Turkmenistan on Wednesday for joint field military exercises. The drills aimed to enhance the professional capabilities of the Armed Forces and other units, while also assessing the readiness of the National Army for combat situations.

According to Turkmenistan's official media, in alignment with its Military Doctrine emphasizing a solely defensive stance and reflecting the nation's peaceful foreign policy, the National Guard maintains domestic peace and security, safeguarding the populace's welfare.

As reported, the military groups undertook combat training objectives, including tasks like neutralizing enemy sabotage groups, repelling enemy aerial assaults, and others.

Military sailors engaged in the exercises collaborated seamlessly with other branches of the Armed Forces, showcasing adept use of contemporary technology to safeguard Turkmenistan's maritime borders and territorial integrity.

Moreover, soldiers of the special units "Türkmen edermen," from military and law enforcement agencies, demonstrated exceptional combat proficiency and effectively fulfilled their assigned tasks.

As part of the exercises, organizers also arranged an exhibition featuring a variety of military equipment, including drones and various weaponry.