Georgia Ready to Aid Turkmen Gas Transit to Turkey

Georgia Ready to Aid Turkmen Gas Transit to Turkey
Gas workers start the flow of natural gas at a new producing gas well in Turkmenistan.

Georgia supports new projects to transport Turkmen natural gas through its territory to Turkey and is ready to assist on the issue, the Georgian ambassador to Turkmenistan said.

In an article published in the Neutral Turkmenistan newspaper on May 25th, on the occasion of Georgia's 33rd Independence anniversary, Ambassador Konstantin Sabiashvili wrote that "the Georgian side supports and expresses its readiness to actively assist in new projects for the transportation of Turkmen gas through the territory of Georgia to Türkiye and further west through the pipelines of the Southern Gas Corridor, including 'green' energy."

Sabiashvili noted the Georgian government is investing heavily in infrastructure projects, focusing on developing transport and transit systems, energy corridors and increasing cargo traffic. 

"The construction of a new deep-water port of Anaklia, as well as a new airport in Tbilisi and two airports in Telavi and Svaneti, is planned," he said. "Georgia is ready to increase cargo flows through its territory and offers the Turkmen side the use of existing or the creation of new infrastructure (terminals, warehouses) in the seaports of Georgia for the storage and transportation of Turkmen goods to Europe and back."

The comments come after Turkey and Azerbaijan on Tuesday signed an agreement in Istanbul on transporting Turkmen natural gas to Turkey through Azerbaijan and Georgia.

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