Azerbaijani Private Companies Ready to Invest in Turkmenistan

Azerbaijani Private Companies Ready to Invest in Turkmenistan
Vice President of Caspian Logistics Solutions, Rifat Sultan-zade's speech at TEIF 2024, April 25, 2024, Paris, France. (Photo:

At the Turkmenistan Energy Investment Forum (TEIF 2024), Rifat Sultan-zadeh, Vice President of Caspian Logistics Solutions, announced the readiness of Azerbaijani private companies to invest in Turkmenistan

Reported by on Thursday, Sultan-zadeh also suggested exploring various options for developing new transportation routes passing through Turkmenistan.

The Vice President of the holding company stated that initiatives are in progress to establish the Black-Caspian Logistics Fund, aiming to draw investments into regional logistics endeavors.

Taking into account the plans and strategy for the development of environmental and climate projects by the Turkmenistan government, he also mentioned the interest of another holding company representative - AZCHEMCO - in cooperation with Turkmen manufacturers of mineral fertilizers and investments in the production of liquid and water-soluble fertilizers in Turkmenistan.

At the end of the session, a Memorandum of Cooperation was signed between private companies in Turkmenistan - Rysgally Zahmet and Azerbaijan - AZCHEMCO.

Turkmenistan Energy Investment Forum (TEIF 2024) took place on April 24-25 of the current year in Paris. During the event, participants discussed cooperation prospects regarding oil and gas exploration, transportation, and processing.