Lebapbalyk to Build a Fish Processing Plant in Lebap

Lebapbalyk to Build a Fish Processing Plant in Lebap
Fishermen catching fish within the territory of Turkmenistan

Lebapbalyk (Lebap Fish company), a company based in Turkmenistan, announced plans to construct a fish processing plant in the eastern region of the country, as reported by the official media of Turkmenistan on Tuesday.

As per the report, reservoirs such as Garaşsyzlygyň 15 ýyllygy, Düýeboýun, Goşbulak, and Soltan Sanjar have the potential for breeding various fish species. The new plant will focus on fish processing and subsequent sales in both local and international markets.

Kerki-based entrepreneur Bagtyyar Ashyrov completed work related to a 105-hectare lake near the Garaşsyzlygyň 15 ýyllygy reservoir, located within the Kerki district of the Lebap province. They also identified fish species suitable for breeding.

Turkmenistan's total area of ​​water bodies amounts to 1,216 hectares, of which 116 hectares are utilized for fish fry cultivation.

In October 2018, members of Turkmenistan's Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs privatized fish industry enterprises following a decree by the President

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