New Settlement Under Construction in Northern Turkmenistan

New Settlement Under Construction in Northern Turkmenistan
The village of Nurly Zaman in the Ovadandepe of Gokdepe district, Ahal province, Turkmenistan

Construction of a new modern settlement continues in the Köneürgenç district of Dashoguz province, the northern region of Turkmenistan. The settlement is located within the territory of the Täze ýol geneshlik.

As reported by Turkmenistan's official media on Thursday, construction work on many facilities is already completed.

The new settlement will comprise various buildings intended for administrative, socio-cultural, and industrial purposes.

Among the social and cultural facilities will be a school with a capacity for 420 students, a kindergarten with 160 places, Health Center capable of handling up to fifteen visits per shift, Cultural Center, Post Office, a modern wedding celebration center with seating for 500 guests, a shopping center with a covered market, shops, a fire station, and other facilities.

Furthermore, new car bridges have been constructed in the new settlement over the Han-Yab canal and a nearby drainage collector.

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