Astrakhan Glass Factory To Resume Shipments to Turkmenistan

Astrakhan Glass Factory To Resume Shipments to Turkmenistan
Production process at the glass factory in Stavropol Krai, Russia. (Photo:

The Astrakhan region's glass factory, BM Astrakhansteklo, intends to resume shipments to Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, and Azerbaijan by July this year, announced Elena Pischukhina, the general director of Glass Plus LLC, during an investment committee meeting in the Astrakhan region.

As reported by TASS on Monday, Pischukhina emphasized that the enterprise plans to produce over 180 million units of conditional jars and bottles per year.

According to the statement, the enterprise is currently restarting its operations after an eight-year hiatus, with over 500 million rubles invested in the project. The first products are expected to be available in 3-4 weeks.

"The factory operated for over 15 years, repeatedly becoming the best exporter of the year, with shipment geography including Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, and Turkmenistan," highlighted Elena Pischukhina.

Established in May 2007, BM Astrakhansteklo LLC specializes in the production of hollow glass products. Until ceasing operations in 2016, the factory produced over 40 types of products.

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