Turkmenistan to Build Ammonia and Urea Plant

Turkmenistan to Build Ammonia and Urea Plant
Tejenkarbamid plant in the Ahal region, Turkmenistan.

In the village of Kiyanly in the western region of Balkan, Turkmenistan, a plant for the production of ammonia and urea will be erected.

In connection with this, Türkmenhimiýa (Turkmen Chemicals) State Concern, on behalf of the tender commission, announced an international tender for the design and construction of the factory "turnkey." The tender was published in the Neutral Turkmenistan newspaper on Monday.

Interested parties must submit a written application indicating the full name of the participant, its legal status, country of registration, and details.

It is also necessary to obtain a package of tender documents by paying $1,725 including VAT or the equivalent in manats at the exchange rate of the Central Bank of Turkmenistan (for residents of Turkmenistan).

The deadline for submitting tender proposals is 30 working days from the date of publication of the announcement.

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