Turkmenistan to Privatize Stake in Sanly Innovation Center's Capital

Turkmenistan to Privatize Stake in Sanly Innovation Center's Capital
Turkmentel-2023 XVI International Exhibition and Scientific Conference, November 9, 2023, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan.

Deputy Prime Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan Hojamyrat Geldimyradov presented a proposal to President of Turkmenistan Serdar Berdimuhamedov regarding the privatization of the state stake in the charter capital of the Sanly Innovation Center Closed Joint Stock Company during a regular government meeting on Friday.

According to Turkmenistan’s official media, the Deputy Prime Minister reported on the measures being taken to improve the efficiency of state property management, develop small and medium-sized businesses, and create a favorable business environment.

As reported, the main areas of activity of the joint-stock company are related to wholesale trade, provision of services, attraction of investments, and entrepreneurial activities.

The President of Turkmenistan emphasized the need to continue privatization of state property and increase management efficiency, noting that this would contribute to the effective development of small and medium-sized businesses in the country.

During the meeting, Deputy Prime Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers and Minister of Foreign Affairs Rashid Meredov announced that the United Nations General Assembly's Sustainable Development Week will take place from April 15 to 19 of this year at the UN headquarters in New York City and proposed to send a Turkmen delegation to participate in the event.

The President of Turkmenistan noted that the United Nations is one of the international organizations with which Turkmenistan maintains close cooperation. In this context, the head of state instructed the Deputy Prime Minister and the Foreign Minister to continue working on further developing fruitful cooperation with the UN.

The regular government meeting discussed a number of priority issues of state life.

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