Tokyo Hosted Business Forum for Turkmen and Japanese Enterprises

Tokyo Hosted Business Forum for Turkmen and Japanese Enterprises
Business Forum for Turkmen-Japanese Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, March 27, Tokyo, Japan

A business forum for Turkmen-Japanese small and medium-sized entrepreneurs took place on March 27 of the current year, in Tokyo, Japan, as reported by the Transport and Communications Agency under the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan.

The forum, held at the premises of the Japan External Trade Organization, was attended by over 30 executives and representatives from the Turkmen side and 100 representatives from the Japanese side.

At the beginning of the forum, speeches were delivered by Norihiko Ishiguro, the head of the Japan External Trade Organization; Ryosuke Kojuke, the State Minister of Economy, Trade, and Industry of Japan; and Masumi Hara, the Executive Director of the Turkmen-Japanese Joint Committee on Trade and Industry.

In their remarks, they positively assessed the trade and economic relations between Turkmenistan and Japan and noted that Japanese companies are showing great interest in the constantly growing Turkmen market.

The Turkmen side also emphasized its readiness to engage in comprehensive cooperation with Japan, highlighting significant opportunities for developing trade and economic relations between the two countries.

During the forum, the Turkmen side extended an invitation to Japanese small and medium-sized businesses for cooperation. In this context, they suggested exploring the potential of establishing a trade representation of Turkmenistan in Japan and examining the feasibility of establishing a representation of the Japan External Trade Organization in Turkmenistan.

To enhance direct communication between Turkmen and Japanese business communities, the proposal included organizing business conferences, exhibitions, and business visits. Additionally, the Japanese side was invited to the Turkmen capital for the upcoming Turkmen, Japanese Enterprises forum in Turkmenistan.

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