Turkmenistan's Ecologists Plant Juniper, Pistachio, Almond Trees

Turkmenistan's Ecologists Plant Juniper, Pistachio, Almond Trees
Ecologists of Turkmenistan planting tree seedlings.

The Agrarian Party of the country and the Environmental Protection Department of the Ahal province participated in conducting a mass planting of wild plants in the Kopetdag State Nature Reserve of the Ministry of Environmental Protection of Turkmenistan.

The team carried out extensive work along the Bakja River and within the reserve, clearing plastic and other debris from the riverbank, and planting dozens of fruit trees.

At the Bakja site, activists planted local varieties of pistachios. Additionally, over 150 seedlings of various species, including almonds and Turkmen juniper, were planted over a large area.

According to the report, horticultural and afforestation efforts are underway across cultural and natural zones in Turkmenistan as the current spring greening season begins. Furthermore, there is an escalation in activity within plant nurseries located in reserves and experimental plots, where ecologists are actively propagating rare, medicinal, and unique flora species listed in the Red Book.

With the participation of Turkmenistan's President Serdar Berdimuhamedov, the national gardening greening event commenced on March 16 of this year.