Sekiz Bag Initiates Safflower Planting for Oil Production

Sekiz Bag Initiates Safflower Planting for Oil Production
Safflower field, Isparta, Türkiye. (Photo: A.A.)

Sekiz Bag, an agricultural association, has commenced the safflower planting for the first time this year on a 5-hectare farmland in the Tejen district of Turkmenistan’s Ahal province, as reported in the Rysgal newspaper published on Monday.

According to the publication, safflower is cultivated for oil production, and this plant is well-adapted to the soil and climatic conditions of Turkmenistan. Safflower oil serves as an alternative to olive oil.

Moreover, 60 hectares of the association's agricultural land are sown with rapeseed, and a plentiful harvest is anticipated this year, as in previous years. Innovative equipment from China has been installed at Sekiz Bag for rapeseed oil production. 

In addition to rapeseed and safflower, the association cultivates potatoes, onions, and wheat. According to entrepreneur Muhammetgeldi Yemshikov, upon harvesting on these agricultural lands, Sekiz Bag plans to plant silage grass for livestock.