Türkmendemirýollary and Arterail Discuss Collaborative Development

Türkmendemirýollary and Arterail Discuss Collaborative Development
Video conference between Türkmendemirýollary specialists and representatives of the French company Arterail on February 22, 2024.

Specialists from Türkmendemirýollary (Turmen Railway) Agency engaged in a video conference with the founder and leader of the French company Arterail and its experts. During the meeting, the Turkmen side invited the company delegation to visit Turkmenistan for discussions on collaborative development.

As reported by the Transport and Communications Agency under the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan on Friday, Turkmen Railway experts presented collaboration opportunities to French counterparts, focusing on projects related to the country's railroad infrastructure development, modernization, and electrification.

The French side, in turn, expressed interest in establishing a mutually beneficial partnership with Turkmenistan’s railway administration. Arterail representatives also expressed their intention to participate in existing projects and contribute to the country's economic development.

Turkmen Railway officials were requested to prepare a draft document for discussion, the Memorandum of Understanding on establishing Turkmen-French cooperation in the railroad transportation sphere. The document is planned to be sent through diplomatic channels for the required approvals.

The video conference also saw the participation of the head and staff of the Embassy of Turkmenistan in the French Republic.

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