Türkmen Kaolin in Jebel Produces 600 Tons of Kaolin

Türkmen Kaolin in Jebel Produces 600 Tons of Kaolin
Türkmen Kaolin OJSC

In the new facility of Türkmen Kaolin OJSC, located in the village of Jebel in the Balkan region, 600 tons of enriched kaolin were produced in January of the current year. The report was featured in the Thursday edition of the Türkmenistan newspaper.

Türkmen Kaolin OJSC was established by Balkan Quarry Department of the Ministry of Industry and Construction Production of Turkmenistan in partnership with the Derýaplastik economic society, a member of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs. The company's production facility in Jebel is capable of producing 20 thousand tons of enriched kaolin per year.

Nepes Rozykuliyev, the General Director of Türkmen Kaolin, noted that enriched kaolin is actively used as raw material in the ceramic, porcelain, and pottery industries, and the finished products are supplied to domestic markets.

"Last year, we produced almost 7 thousand tons of products. Currently, we are actively working to soon introduce our products to foreign markets," stated Nepes Rozykuliyev.

The raw material for production is extracted at a deposit near the village of Gyzylgaya in the Turkmenbashi district. Currently, Derýaplastik ES, producing sanitary products under the Derýakeramika brand, actively applies enriched kaolin in its production.

Enriched kaolin finds wide application in the production of white cement, porcelain tableware, insulators, paper, cardboard, rubber, cosmetics, perfumery, paints, and cleaning agents.