Uzbekistan Imports 21.6 Million kWh of Electricity From Turkmenistan

Uzbekistan Imports 21.6 Million kWh of Electricity From Turkmenistan
High-voltage power transmission line (Photo: Bloomberg)

Uzbekistan imported 21.6 million kWh of electricity from Turkmenistan on Sunday, reported "Yangi O'zbekiston" on Monday, citing statements from the country's Ministry of Energy.

According to the report, on February 18, Uzbekistan's power plants generated 231.4 million kWh of electricity. To achieve this, thermal power plants utilized 40.3 million cubic meters of natural gas, 26.3 thousand tons of coal, and 10.7 thousand tons of fuel oil.

Under the agreement between the "Türkmenenergo" (Turkmen Energy) State Power Corporation and "National Electric Networks of Uzbekistan" Joint-Stock Company, Uzbekistan began importing electricity from Turkmenistan on December 1, 2019.

Uzbekistan also imports natural gas from Turkmenistan. In August of last year, the Uzbek company UzGasTrade and the "Türkmengaz" (Turkmen Gas) State Concern signed a contract for the supply of Turkmen gas up to 2 billion cubic meters per year.

Currently, Turkmenistan exports electricity to the Islamic Republic of Iran and Afghanistan, in addition to Uzbekistan. The new power plant under construction in the Balkan region with a capacity of 1574 kW will enable electricity exports to Turkey.

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