Turkmenistan Approves Regulations for Forest Restoration and Plantation

Turkmenistan Approves Regulations for Forest Restoration and Plantation
Nationwide greening campaign in Turkmenistan, November 4, 2022.

Turkmenistan's Ministry of Environmental Protection has sanctioned a new protocol for conducting forest restoration and planting activities across the country. The official order regarding this new procedure was published on the Ministry of Justice's official website in Turkmenistan.

The approved procedure outlines specific methods and principles for forest planting, taking into consideration the diverse climatic conditions prevalent in various regions of the country. It also establishes key terms relevant to the field of forestry.

The primary objective of the forest restoration initiative is to counteract deforestation, prevent forest fires, and promptly regenerate areas previously occupied by forests. 

Other objectives encompass enhancing the seed composition of forests and ensuring consistent land use practices. The procedure further sets criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of planting and the survival rate of seedlings. Successful establishment is defined as achieving a survival rate of at least 75 percent in irrigated areas and a minimum of 45 percent in mountainous and foothill areas.

This document underwent collaboration with the Türkmenstandartlary (Turkmen Standards) Main State Service and received approval on January 26, 2024.

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