PentaCarbon to Source Long-Term Carbon Black From Turkmen Company

PentaCarbon to Source Long-Term Carbon Black From Turkmen Company
The carbon black plant in Mary district of Mary province, Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan's Eziz Dag Economic Society has secured a deal to provide carbon black to German company PentaCarbon under unique terms. PentaCarbon, an international distributor of carbon black, has inked an exclusive cooperation agreement with Eziz Dag, according to online platform Chemanalyst's report on Thursday.

Turkmen company Eziz Dag unveiled a cutting-edge facility in Mary province in 2022, capable of producing 3,000 tons of carbon black annually. Covering an expansive area of 9.9 hectares, the plant boasts state-of-the-art equipment and advanced technologies.

As the European carbon black landscape undergoes transformative changes, the partnership between PentaCarbon and Eziz Dag signifies a strategic alignment with the region's economic shifts, according to Chemanalyst. The synergy between a German distributor and a Turkmen producer introduces a dynamic element to the market.

The collaboration between the two companies is a proactive step toward expanding capabilities and diversifying the range of carbon black products available in the European market, notes Chemanalyst.

Carbon black is usually obtained as soot from partial combustion of hydrocarbons. It has unique properties, such as reinforcing filler, abrasion resistance and UV resistance, that are highly sought after in many industries. It is mainly used to strengthen rubber in tires, but can also act as a pigment, UV stabilizer, and conductive or insulating agent in a variety of rubber, plastic, ink and coating applications.