Turkmenistan Initiates International Tender for Insulation Plant Project

Turkmenistan Initiates International Tender for Insulation Plant Project
Production of thermal insulation boards in Kazakhstan. (Photo: stroiteh-msk.ru)

In the village of Jebel in Turkmenistan's Balkan region, preparations are in progress for the establishment of a plant dedicated to the production of thermal and acoustic insulation boards, mats, and continuous fibers.

To advance this initiative, the Ministry of Industry and Construction Production of Turkmenistan has officially announced an open international tender. The purpose of this tender is to secure services for preparing a comprehensive technical and economic justification for the construction project of the plant in Jebel, situated within the Balkan region. The details of this tender were published in the 'Neutral Turkmenistan' newspaper on Thursday.

Interested parties are required to submit applications along with registration documents, a power of attorney, a representative's passport, and a non-refundable participation fee of $1,725, which includes $225 in VAT.

Proposals addressing both commercial and technical aspects will be accepted within 30 working days from the publication date of the tender announcement.

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