Turkmenistan To Boost Maritime Fleet With Balkan Shipyard's New Vessels

Turkmenistan To Boost Maritime Fleet With Balkan Shipyard's New Vessels
Turkmenbashi International Sea Port, Balkan province, Turkmenistan.

Turkmenistan is set to bolster its maritime capabilities with the acquisition of newly constructed vessels from the Balkan Shipyard, situated within the Turkmenbashi International Seaport, as reported in the newspaper Neutral Turkmenistan on Wednesday.

The country's immediate and medium-term plans include the procurement of supply vessels, transport ships, and tugboats to support the burgeoning sectors of offshore oil and gas production.

Investment projects aim to augment the maritime trading fleet by increasing the number of RO-PAX ferries catering to railway and automobile transport and establishing new routes connecting to ports such as Makhachkala, Kuryk, and Astrakhan.

In light of the significant expansion of industrial facilities producing petrochemical products, there is a heightened focus on incorporating general cargo vessels, including container ships, into the fleet. Further plans involve the introduction of oil tankers, passenger ships, and specialized vessels for dredging navigation channels and maintaining port waters.

These investment initiatives are anticipated to yield a steady increase in income. For instance, the operation of a single vessel dedicated to collecting garbage and oil products from the water surface is projected to generate a monthly profit of approximately $120,000.

The Balkan Shipyard inked a contract with the Korea Marine Equipment Association (KOMEA) in November of the previous year. The agreement encompasses the design, joint construction, and supply of components for Multi-Purpose Carriers class vessels, boasting a displacement of 6.1 thousand tonnes, with a total contract value of $42 million.