Turkmenistan to Construct Ferroalloy Production Plant

Turkmenistan to Construct Ferroalloy Production Plant
Kluchevsky Ferroalloys Plant, Russia (Photo: sysert.life)

Turkmenistan announces plans for a ferroalloy production plant, including ferrosilicon, silicon carbide, and technical silicon. 
The Ministry of Industry and Construction Production invites global participation through an open international tender for the project's feasibility study. 
The tender, published in Neutral Turkmenistan newspaper on Wednesday, requires interested parties to submit applications, registration documents, a power of attorney, and a representative's passport, along with a non-refundable participation fee of $1,725 (including $225 VAT).
Tender documents should be submitted in two envelopes: a commercial proposal (the commercial envelope should only contain the price specification) and a technical proposal (the technical envelope should contain all other necessary documents).
Proposals, encompassing commercial and technical aspects, will be accepted within 30 working days from the announcement's publication date.

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