Hemsaýa to Establish a 10-Hectare Banana Greenhouse

Hemsaýa to Establish a 10-Hectare Banana Greenhouse
Working routine in a banana greenhouse, Turkmenistan.

Hemsaýa Economic Society, led by entrepreneur Dovletgeldi Ballyev, is set to launch a 10-hectare banana greenhouse in the Kaka district of Ahal province this year, as revealed in Ballyev's article published in Biznes reklama newspaper on Monday. 

Currently operating a 5-hectare greenhouse cultivating Cavendish bananas, Hemsaýa employs over 40 specialists.

Anticipating a surge in consumption to 15 thousand tonnes, Hemsaýa envisions a market opportunity to sell bananas cultivated in Turkmenistan's greenhouses, spanning an estimated 90-100 hectares, primarily within the domestic market. This move aligns with the company's commitment to meet growing demands.

Notably, the Ferhar Economic Society is also actively contributing to banana production in the Sakarchage district of Mary province.