Turkmen Businesswoman Triumphs in Tomato Exports

Turkmen Businesswoman Triumphs in Tomato Exports
Tomato harvest season in Greenhouse complex, Turkmenistan.

Lebap region's entrepreneurial spirit shines as Guljahan Hayidova successfully exported 120 tonnes of tomatoes from her 2-hectare greenhouse at the S.A. Niyazov collective farm in the Charjev district last year. 

The official Turkmen media reported on Thursday that these tomatoes found their way to markets in Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan.

Hayidova's venture began with the cultivation of the Marvelans tomato variety, imported from the Netherlands in September 2021. The greenhouse saw a bountiful harvest by the start of 2022. 

The Marvelans and Cherry tomato varieties, thriving in the greenhouse environment, are planted in September and yield fruit after 5-6 months, showcasing a unique trait of bearing fruit for an extended period—approximately 6-7 months. 

Each plant, with proper care, can yield between 7-15 kg of tomatoes, contributing to the success of Hayidova's tomato export operations.