2023: Seydi Refinery Processes Nearly 490 Thousand Tonnes of Oil

2023: Seydi Refinery Processes Nearly 490 Thousand Tonnes of Oil
Seydi Oil Refinery, Lebap province, Turkmenistan.

Turkmenistan's Seydi Petroleum Refining Plant, located in Lebap province, achieved a significant milestone by processing over 489.6 thousand tonnes of crude oil last year, as reported by Turkmenistan's official media on Monday. 

Within the same period, the refinery generated 413 thousand tonnes of refined products from the processed crude oil.

Gasoline A-95, A-92, and A-80 constituted over 230.3 thousand tonnes of the produced products, while diesel fuel accounted for approximately 123.6 thousand tonnes. Notably, the refinery also contributed 30 thousand tonnes of heavy vacuum gasoil, 5.3 thousand tonnes of fuel oil, and 22.6 thousand tonnes of road bitumen in the past year.

Seydi Petroleum Refining Plant extends its global reach by exporting products to countries like Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Georgia, and the United Arab Emirates. This strategic refinery, an integral part of the Turkmenbashi Oil Refining Complex, stands as one of Turkmenistan's largest industrial enterprises.

The refinery's continuous growth is evident in its expansions over the years, including the construction of a road bitumen production unit with an annual capacity of 37.2 tonnes in 2015. 

The Seydi Oil Refinery in 2017 witnessed the launch of a catalytic reforming unit, boasting a yearly capacity of 500 thousand tonnes of high-octane gasoline.