Owadan Bedew Launches New Production Line: Elit Brand

Owadan Bedew Launches New Production Line: Elit Brand
Elite brand liquid soaps are taken out from the box.

Owadan Bedew E.S. has recently launched the production of cleaning products, the director of the enterprise Guvanch Babayev told the Business Turkmenistan (BT) online publication.

The Owadan Bedew E.S. production facility, located in the Dayhan Association Gäwers in the Ak Bugday district of the Ahal province, specialises in manufacturing various cleaning products. These include liquid laundry gels, two different dishwashing detergents, liquid soap, car shampoo, and tire blackeners.

The Elit brand offers liquid soap, dishwashing products, car shampoo and tyre blackeners. Liquid washing powders will be available on the local market soon.

Company director Guvanch Babayev said that negotiations are underway to export these products to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

The company, with a monthly production capacity of 300 tonnes, uses safe and high-quality raw materials in its manufacturing process.