PEC Launches Turkmenistan-Russia Cargo Delivery via North-South Corridor

PEC Launches Turkmenistan-Russia Cargo Delivery via North-South Corridor
M12 Vostok high-speed federal highway between Moscow and Tyumen, Russia. (Photo:

Russian multiservice logistics operator PEC has launched the delivery of consolidated cargo between Turkmenistan and Russia along the eastern branch of the North-South International Transport Corridor (ITC), industry portal reports.

According to the message, regular freight transport departs once a fortnight, with more to follow next year.

The company has also opened a partner branch in Ashgabat for cargo handling and consolidation. The newly established facility is 5 kilometres from the international airport and 28 kilometres from the E60 highway, which connects Turkmenistan with Kazakhstan and Russia.

Demand for deliveries from Turkmenistan is increasing, mainly due to the country's transit opportunities. In this regard, PEC plans to open new platforms for handling and consolidating shipments in the region next year and launch regular shipments between Russia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan via the North-South ITC.

According to the report, Turkmenistan will become a part of single transit route that the multiservice logistics operator plans to open next year. The new Silk Road will pass through Russia and Central Asia, South Asia and Southeast Asia.

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