First Vehicles to Cross Garabogaz Bridge in June 2024

First Vehicles to Cross Garabogaz Bridge in June 2024
A new road bridge under construction across Garabogaz Bay in Turkmenistan, Balkan province, Turkmenistan.

The first vehicles will cross the new road bridge over the Garabogaz Bay of Turkmenistan in June 2024, according to an article by Turkmenistan's honourable elder, writer Gurbannazar Orazgulyyev, published in Turkmenistan newspaper on Tuesday.

Construction work on the new bridge across the Garabogaz Bay in Turkmenistan commenced in mid-summer 2022, following the Decree of the President of Turkmenistan regarding its construction.

As mentioned in the article, Altcom Road Construction, in collaboration with Turkmen specialists, is conducting the design work at the request of the State Agency for Road Construction Management.

The construction of the two-way, two-lane bridge across the Garabogaz Bay has a width of 21 meters and a length of 354 meters. The roads connected to the bridge will extend for a combined distance of 2 kilometres.

"Turkmenistan, which is reviving the Great Silk Road in a modern way, is becoming more and more actively involved in the global transport and logistics structure and is currently building the 'golden ring' of the North-South transport and logistics structure," the article states. 

The Turkmenistan newspaper article also highlights that the new bridge will accommodate cargo vehicles weighing 40 to 50 tonnes.