Turkmen Scientists Plan to Develop Medicinal Oils From Local Plants

Turkmen Scientists Plan to Develop Medicinal Oils From Local Plants
Juniper trees growing on the mountain.

Turkmen scientists are collaborating with the Turkmen-Indian company Turkmenderman-Ajanta Farma Limited to produce medicinal ointments based on essential oils derived from various plants.

The young specialists, engineers Sergey Lisovenko and Dayanch Arazov from the Institute of Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan, are conducting laboratory research to extract essential oils from various parts of juniper and prepare medicinal ointments based on them, the official Turkmen media reported on Wednesday.

The Turkmen Mountains' master juniper, a coniferous plant belonging to the cypress family, plays a crucial role in forming the ecological systems of the mountains. In traditional medicine, juniper stems, fruits and needles are widely used as natural remedies with antibacterial, antiseptic, diuretic, antiviral, expectorant and wound-healing properties.

According to scientists, juniper twigs contain about 0.73-0.87 percent of essential oil, a slightly yellowish liquid with a peculiar pleasant smell. It has a complex composition and contains various organic compounds. Juniper essential oil is a valuable raw material for producing helpful medicines.