New Petrol Station Opens in Ashgabat

New Petrol Station Opens in Ashgabat
A new petrol station opened in Ashgabat, December 13, 2023, Turkmenistan.

On the Day of Workers of Oil and Gas Industry and Geology of Turkmenistan, the petrol station opening ceremony was held in Ashgabat, the Watan News reported on Wednesday.

The new petrol station, owned by the Main Department of Turkmennebit (Turkmen Oil) State Concern, can serve 1,500 vehicles daily.

According to the message, all necessary conditions have been created in this petrol station to provide relevant services at a high level.

The new petrol station opened on the territory of Ashgabat. It was built by specialists from the repair and construction branch of the Türkmennebitönümleri (Turkmen Oil Products) Department.

The new petrol station utilises specialised equipment to measure the quantity of fuel dispensed into vehicles, generate reports on the completed work and conduct relevant analyses.