Owadan Ülke Introduces Ghee and Chocolate Paste

Owadan Ülke Introduces Ghee and Chocolate Paste

Owadan Ülke E. S. presented its new ghee and chocolate paste products at the International Exhibition of Food, Packaging and Agricultural Products Agro-Pack Turkmenistan - 2023, held from November 28 to 30 in Ashgabat. 

According to the specialist from Owadan Ülke, who spoke to the online publication Business Turkmenistan (BT), the newly introduced products, ghee and chocolate paste, have successfully undergone all the required certification procedures.

In the interview, the company specialist mentioned that Owadan Ülke is negotiating to supply tomato paste to Azerbaijan and Georgia. The company is exploring exporting its products to the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

In addition, the company plans to expand its product range by producing condensed milk with sugar.

The Owadan Ülke plant, located in the Ak Bugday district of Ahal province, is equipped to produce up to 20 tonnes of mayonnaise per day and up to 80 tonnes of canned seasonal products per shift.

Established in 2016, Owadan Ülke E. S. is a company that manufactures a wide range of products. These products are marketed and sold under various brands, including NUR, Mylaýym, Hazyna and Esmo.

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