Uzynada Field Wells Obtain Promising New Gas Condensate Flow

Uzynada Field Wells Obtain Promising New Gas Condensate Flow
Gas field work consultation from gas engineers, Turkmenistan.

Drilling operations carried out by the Goturdepi and Ekerem divisions of the Nebitgazburawlaýyş (Oil and gas drilling) have resulted in the discovery of a new gas condensate inflow at depths of 6655-6659 metres and 6654-6658 metres respectively in wells No. 78 and No. 82 of the Uzynada field, Turkmenistan's oil and gas industry e-newsletter reported on Wednesday.

In addition, Körpeje Drilling Division completed the drilling of well #74 in the same field, where gas condensate deposits were discovered at a depth of 6662 to 6668 metres. Development work is now actively underway on wells #76 and #83.

The first exploration works on this promising site were carried out in the 70s of the last century. However, drilling operations at 4,213 metres were stopped because no hydrocarbon reservoirs were found.

In 2015, after careful evaluations conducted by oil scientists and geologists, a decision was made to recommence drilling activities at the 7th exploration well, targeting a planned depth of 7,150 meters. After two years of rigorous drilling, a significant hydrocarbon flow was obtained from a depth range of 6689 to 6695 meters. As a result, two additional wells were subsequently drilled at the site, both of which yielded positive outcomes.

Besides, the gas specialists of Türkmengazburawlaýyş (Turkmen Gas Drilling) department received a new commercial natural gas inflow at the production gas well No. 29 of Tagtabazar natural gas field, and the specialists of Marynebitgazgözleg (Mary oil and gas exploration) expedition of Türkmegeologiýa (Turkmen Geology) State Corporation received a new natural gas inflow at the production gas well No. 312 of Galkynyş natural gas field.

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