Dutch Companies to Propose Cooperation to Turkmen Entrepreneurs in Ashgabat

Dutch Companies to Propose Cooperation to Turkmen Entrepreneurs in Ashgabat
New generation greenhouse with X-AIR technology installed by Dalsem B.V.

Several Dutch companies specialising in various agricultural technologies, including greenhouses, cold storage solutions, seeds, fertilisers, biobees and other related products, will participate in the international exhibition of food, packaging and agricultural products called "Agro-Pack Turkmenistan - 2023." The exhibition will be held in Ashgabat at the end of November. 

One of the participating companies in the exhibition is Dalsem B.V., which has been operating in the greenhouse industry since 1932. Dalsem B.V. stands out by providing turnkey greenhouse projects, offering comprehensive solutions from start to finish. One notable technology offered by Dalsem B.V. is X-AIR, which aims to enhance the productivity of plants and crops by optimising the greenhouse climate. 

Geerlofs Refrigeration B.V. is another company participating in the exhibition. Established in 1933, the company boasts 90 years of experience in the industry. Geerlofs Refrigeration specialises in providing complete projects for refrigeration systems, including cold storage, freezers, vegetable and fruit storage, and meat and fish storage. 

In addition, Kubo (greenhouse business), Koppert (bee and fertiliser producer), and Bejo Zaden B.V. (seed business) will participate in the exhibition. Dutch companies will also attend and offer cooperation proposals to Turkmen businesspeople.

The international exhibition "Agro-Pack Turkmenistan - 2023" will be held November 28-30 in the Trade Union of Turkmenistan building on the outskirts of Chandybil district in Ashgabat city. Companies from various countries will attend the exhibition.

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