RZD Logistics Facilitates Flour Export Shipments from Russia to Turkmenistan

RZD Logistics Facilitates Flour Export Shipments from Russia to Turkmenistan
Russian Railways container train (Photo: Russian Railways)

The branch of RZD Logistics in Saratov organises railway transportation of flour from Russia to Turkmenistan, the press service of RZD Logistics reported on Monday.

According to the report, cargoes are loaded at the enterprise and transported in covered wagons from Saratov-Port station in Russia to Anau station in Turkmenistan. This transportation route involves passing through the territory of Kazakhstan, specifically through the border crossings of Kigash (Russia) and Bolashak (Kazakhstan). It indicates the specific logistics and route taken for transporting goods between Saratov-Port and Anau, involving multiple countries and border crossings to facilitate cargo movement.

The project delivered 1,020 tonnes of flour via this route between August and October 2023.

The company's specialists provide a full range of services, including provision of rolling stock, carriage by rail, payment of tariffs and charges, customs clearance of cargo and dispatch control to the destination station.

The possibility of organising export shipments of flour in containers to Iran and India in 2024 using the services of RZD Logistics is currently under consideration.

Earlier, Russian Railways CEO Oleg Belozerov said that this year, Russian Railways plans to transport 1 million tonnes of cargo along the eastern branch of the international transport corridor North-South through Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan.

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