Multinational Enterprises to Gather at Ashgabat's Agro-Pack Trade Fair

Multinational Enterprises to Gather at Ashgabat's Agro-Pack Trade Fair
Netherlands Pavilion at Agro-Pack Iraq 2023, September 20-21, 2023, Erbil, Iraq

The Agro-Pack Turkmenistan - 2023 international exhibition focusing on food, packaging, and agricultural products is scheduled in Ashgabat from November 28 to 30. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Turkmenistan and the Sofuar company jointly organised the exhibition. This event is a platform for companies to showcase and promote agricultural products while facilitating business partnerships and collaborations in the food and packaging sectors.

The Agro-Pack Turkmenistan - 2023 international exhibition will involve companies from Azerbaijan, Germany, China, Moldova, Uzbekistan, and Türkiye representing relevant sectors.

Furthermore, the organisers will establish dedicated pavilions specifically for Holland, Russia, and Iran. These pavilions will serve as designated areas where exhibitors from these countries can primarily showcase their products and services in various sectors, including:

  • Food production equipment
  • Packaging products and packaging equipment
  • Food products and food supplements
  • Technologies for bread and bakery products
  • Grain storage and milling systems
  • Agriculture, horticulture, and forestry areas
  • Poultry and livestock equipment
  • Agricultural products, seeds, and fertilisers
  • Irrigation systems

Apart from foreign companies, numerous business people and companies from Turkmenistan are interested in participating in the Agro-Pack international exhibition. Ismail Enveroglu, a representative of the Sofuar, expressed optimism about the event's effectiveness in his statement to Business Turkmenistan (BT) online publication. The generated anticipation and the high expectations for the exhibition highlight its potential as a successful platform for business engagement and opportunities.

In addition, Enveroglu mentioned that similar exhibitions had been previously held in Uzbekistan and Iraq, proving to be highly successful. The previous experience adds to the expectation that the Agro-Pack exhibition will yield positive results.

The exhibition venue will be the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Turkmenistan building on Chandybil Avenue in Ashgabat. This venue has been selected to provide a convenient and easily accessible space for participants and attendees of the exhibition.