Turkmen Commodity Exchange Records Over $130 Million Trades In October

Nurmyrat Mommayev
Turkmen Commodity Exchange Records Over $130 Million Trades In October
Wall of the State Commodity Exchange of Turkmenistan at the exhibition dedicated to the 13th anniversary of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan, March 17, 2021, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

In October, the State Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange of Turkmenistan (SCRMET) achieved a trade turnover of $130 million.

Among the commodities traded, the most in-demand item at SCRMET was motor fuel ECO 93, which accounted for $78.5 million. Liquefied gas, valued at $17.35 million, jet fuel, worth $8.97 million, and urea, worth $8.55 million, were also significant commodities in trade volume.

Notably, textile products emerged as the second most traded commodity, with a trading volume of $13.23 million. These figures highlight the stable growth and development of SCRMET, making a substantial contribution to Turkmenistan's economy.

The October deals further underscore Turkmenistan's strength in energy and raw material exports, with commodities like ECO 93 motor fuels, liquefied gas, and aviation fuel playing a crucial role. Additionally, the active trading of textile products reflects Turkmenistan's industrialization and economic development efforts.

EKO-93-type vehicle fuel, liquefied gas, and aviation fuel are among the primary export commodities of Turkmenistan. These energy-related products play a significant role in the country's export sector. Additionally, textile products reflect Turkmenistan's endeavours in industrialization and economic development.

Nurmyrat Mommayev,

PhD Candidate at Marmara University's Department of Political Science and International Relations in Istanbul, Türkiye

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