South Korean Logistics Company Interested In Establishing Branch In Turkmenistan

South Korean Logistics Company Interested In Establishing Branch In Turkmenistan
Speech by Taeong Kim, CEO of Rovigos, at the Central Asia-South Korea Young Entrepreneurs Business Forum, November 1, 2023, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

During the Central Asia-South Korea business forum of young entrepreneurs hosted by the Turkmenistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Taeyong Kim, the CEO of the South Korean cloud-based logistic firm Rovigos Inc., told Business Turkmenistan that the company is interested in establishing a branch in Turkmenistan. 

Taeyong Kim has expressed interest in expanding its business in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan. As a prominent logistics platform company that harnesses the power of AI technology for sales forecasting and cost tracking, Rovigos is willing to explore the opportunities that the Central Asian market, particularly Turkmenistan, presents.

Taeyong Kim highlighted Rovigos' reputation as a leading provider of advanced solutions that seamlessly integrate AI-driven analysis, enabling sales forecasting and monitoring pricing trends. He also emphasized the company's expertise in satellite communication to facilitate accurate container tracking, ensuring efficient and dependable logistics management.

Rovigos is a leading cloud-based artificial intelligence startup that specializes in data analysis for businesses. Emphasizing advanced technologies, Rovigos offers customized AI solutions that optimize performance, drive productivity, and deliver actionable insights for its clients. 

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