Nahal Company to Construct New Building Complex in Archman Sanatorium

Nahal Company to Construct New Building Complex in Archman Sanatorium
Arçman Sanatorium, Baherden district, Ahal province, Turkmenistan

The President of Turkmenistan has signed a Resolution authorising the Ministry of Health and Medical Industry to contract with Nahal company for the design and construction of the Arçman sanatorium in the Baherden district of Ahal province, the official Turkmen media reported on Sunday.

Adopting the Decree on design and construction signifies implementing comprehensive measures to efficiently use various mineral waters and sanatorium treatments based on scientific research. The Decree focuses explicitly on constructing a new complex of buildings for the treatment centre, equipped with modern facilities and amenities, including 400 beds. It also emphasises improving the surrounding areas to enhance the overall quality and functionality of the treatment centre.

In addition, Nahal will be engaged in the renovation of the existing buildings A and B.

The contract includes the reconstruction or construction of new external utility systems and facilities for the building complex, including electricity, gas, water, communication and sewerage, with connection to the city network.

In addition, the Turkmen president approved a decree authorising the State Electricity Corporation Türkmenenergo to conclude a contract with Çalik Enerji Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. (Republic of Türkiye) for the construction of a 1,574 MW combined cycle power plant in Turkmenbashi district of Balkan province, the construction of power transmission lines to connect it to the power grid, and the purchase of necessary spare parts for existing state-owned power plants.

The contract also provides for the renovation or construction of new external supply systems and facilities for the power plant, including electricity, gas, water, communications and sewerage, connected to the city grid.

The Decree requires construction to start in November 2023 and complete the facility, fully operational, by May 2027.

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