Turkmen Enterprises Provide Services to Foreign Oil Companies

Turkmen Enterprises Provide Services to Foreign Oil Companies
Nurly tolkun stand at the International Conference "Oil and Gas of Turkmenistan 2022", October 25- 27, 2022, Ashgabat

Turkmen enterprises such as At-abraý, Nurly tolkun, and Açar, as well as individual entrepreneur Kiril Gorodnov, are actively cooperating with foreign companies such as Dragon oil, Yug Neftegaz, Petronas, Gap Inşaat, Schlumberger and DFXKNeftekamash LLC, Turkmen media reports.

Kirill Gorodnov runs a company specialising in providing unique clothing, respirators, goggles, helmets, gloves and quality footwear for all types of fieldwork. His products are purchased by companies such as Dragon Oil and Yug Neftegaz through the Turkmen distributor. Gorodnov's company also supplies anti-corrosion materials for coating drill pipes.

At-abraý, a Turkmen enterprise that introduced its Turkmen line brand four years ago, plays a crucial role in the logistics supply chain across all sectors of Turkmenistan's economy. The company has established transhipment points and branches in Georgia, Türkiye, Azerbaijan, and Germany. Turkmen carriers operate an extensive fleet of 300 transport vehicles, 70 refrigerated trucks, 160 tractors, and over 70 containers. At-abraý Enterprises's subsidiary focuses on ship repair and shipbuilding, operating from the coastal city of Turkmenbashi. The company ensures timely delivery of essential cargo for Petronas, Gap Inşaat, and Schlumberger.

The individual company Nurly Tolkun specialises in offshore hydrocarbon production operations. It employs ten professional divers who perform routine "bypass" of underwater utilities and can perform all repair, inspection, restoration and welding works at depth. The fleet consists of ten vessels that carry cargo and shift workers of Dragon Oil (Turkmenistan), Petronas and other companies.

Açar, a Turkmen company, specialises in supplying oil and gas equipment to repair gas and oil wells. It collaborates with Türkmennebit State Corporation and the Chinese company DFXKNeftehmash LLC. Yanyan Li, the general director of DFXKNeftehmash Ltd, stated that the company was founded in 2004 and has branches in Central Asia, Russia, and Latin America. Their operations include a factory in Tianjin and five other firms specialising in drilling engineering, heavy industry, and technical operation of fuel and energy facilities. Turkmenistan has already placed an order with DFXKNeftehmash for XJ 550 and XJ 650 self-propelled workover rigs; the structures ordered by this company are currently used in the "Barsagelmez" and "Gamyshlyja" fields.

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