Turkmenistan Establishes Panel to Select "Made in Turkmenistan" Brand Design

Turkmenistan Establishes Panel to Select "Made in Turkmenistan" Brand Design
Private producers of Turkmenistan at the F-Istanbul International Food Fair, July 12, 2023, Istanbul, Turkey.

Turkmenistan will establish an interdepartmental working group for the final selection of proposals on the design of the label of the national trademark "Made in Turkmenistan", the official Turkmen media reported on Friday. 

Deputy Prime Minister for Trade Complex, Textile Industry and Entrepreneurship Batyr Atdayev proposed creating this interdepartmental group during an online government meeting on Friday.

The Deputy Prime Minister noted that work on creating the national trademark label "Made in Turkmenistan" will be carried out under the "Strategy of Turkmenistan to improve the organisation of exhibitions, fairs and conferences for 2020-2025".

According to the "Foreign Trade Strategy of Turkmenistan for 2021-2030", the task is to produce new goods under national trademarks and promote them abroad.

The Deputy Prime Minister emphasised that Turkmenistan is internationally recognised as a country with significant potential to produce high-quality goods and services under the "Made in Turkmenistan." This recognition enhances the country's prestige in the global market, expands its export potential, and attracts investments. Furthermore, Turkmenistan is actively strengthening its economic power and increasing its export potential. As a result, products manufactured in Turkmenistan are gaining popularity domestically and internationally due to their competitiveness and superior quality.

 During the government meeting, President Serdar Berdimuhamedov approved the establishment of an interdepartmental working group and highlighted the importance of considering the national characteristics of the Turkmen people and modern marketing methods in its development. 

The President provided specific instructions to the Deputy Prime Minister regarding this matter. In addition to this, the meeting also involved discussions on various draft documents, tasks related to the country's socio-economic development, and other essential matters.

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