Turkmen Entrepreneur Exports Dried Carrots to Russia

Turkmen Entrepreneur Exports Dried Carrots to Russia
Carrot harvest (Photo: The Telegraph)

The production enterprise of Turkmen Entrepreneur Balkan Annamyradov, produces dried carrots, which are later exported to Russia, the country’s Rysgal newspaper reported on Monday.

Entrepreneur Balkan Annamyradov, a member of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, was allocated 30 hectares of land by the state in Gyzylarbat district of Balkan province and 10 hectares in Ahal province, where workers grow carrots in stages.

These grown vegetables are distinguished for their flavour and juiciness and serve as the main raw material for this entrepreneur's production, as reported.

The introduction of modern Italian equipment at the enterprise allows it to maintain a high rate of production and receive an average of more than 40 tonnes of finished products per month.

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