Turkmenistan to Recognize Officially Certified Turkish Diplomas

Turkmenistan to Recognize Officially Certified Turkish Diplomas
Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey (Photo: İTÜ)

The Ministry of Education of Turkmenistan announced that for the recognition or Turkish higher education diplomas in the country, they must be legalized by the relevant governmental department of Turkey.

The Turkmen Education Ministry, in its press release, informed that diplomas must be legalized in the Higher Education Department of the Education and Foreign Countries Directorate of the Ministry of National Education of Turkey, as well as in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey.

In March this year, President of Turkmenistan Serdar Berdimuhamedov signed a Decree on the recognition of professional qualifications of higher education obtained in the European region.

The document was signed to provide Turkmenistan workers with higher and secondary vocational education, improve the recognition of documents on higher and secondary vocational education issued by foreign countries in Turkmenistan, as well as meet the obligations arising from the Lisbon Recognition Convention.