Turkmen Ambassador Presents Credentials to NATO Secretary General

Turkmen Ambassador Presents Credentials to NATO Secretary General
Meeting of Turkmenistan's Ambassador to Belgium Sapar Palvanov with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg (Photo: Embassy of Turkmenistan in Belgium)

Ambassador of Turkmenistan to Belgium Sapar Palvanov presented his credentials to the Secretary General of North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Jens Stoltenberg as the head of Turkmenistan's mission to NATO, the embassy announced on Sunday.

The meeting between the two parties involved discussions on the cooperation between Turkmenistan and NATO, underscoring the significance of collaborative efforts.

The parties additionally discussed the successfully implemented programs in the field of education and expressed readiness to further strengthen relations in priority areas.

Ambassador Palvanov emphasized Turkmenistan's foreign policy principles, which include permanent neutrality, peacefulness, good relations with neighboring countries, and democracy. He reiterated that Turkmenistan's military strategy is solely defensive, illustrating the country's dedication to global security, peace, safeguarding national interests, and ensuring its own military security.

The NATO Secretary General expressed the importance of partnership with Turkmenistan in Central Asia, particularly regarding the establishment of regional stability and security. He also acknowledge Turkmenistan's significant role in providing humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan.