Vyazanka Sausage Manufacturer Starts Exports to Turkmenistan

Vyazanka Sausage Manufacturer Starts Exports to Turkmenistan
Sausage products produced at the enterprise of the Abi company (Photo: Abi)

A manufacturer of convenient and easy-to-prepare food products, Abi from Russia, announced the start of exports of its meat product brands to Turkmenistan, new-retail.ru reported on Tuesday.

In August, the company exported its first batch of 16 tons of sausage products under the brands Vyazanka, Starodvorye (including the Dugushka line) and Bavarushka brands. Thanks to partnership with large retail chains of Turkmenistan, Abi products are presented in all major cities of the country.

The company plans to expand its product range to include "frozen semi-finished products" and "finished products".

Apart from Turkmenistan, Abi also exports its products to Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan.

The company shows great interest in working in the market of Turkmenistan and plans to develop its presence by analyzing the needs of the market and applying effective marketing strategies.

Abi is a leading manufacturer of convenience food products in Russia and includes brands such as Vyazanka, Goryachaya Shtushka, Starodvorye, Bavarushka, Yadryona kopot, and a new generation plant food brand, Foodgital, in its portfolio.