RZD Logistics Aims to Reduce Transportation Cost Along North-South Corridor

RZD Logistics Aims to Reduce Transportation Cost Along North-South Corridor
Russian Railways container train (Photo: globalrailwayreview.com)

RZD Logistics, a subsidiary of the Russian Railways, pays special attention to reducing the cost of freight transportation along the North-South International Transport Corridor (ITC), Alexander Siverstev, the Director of Container Transportation at RZD Logistics said in the company’s Wednesday press release.

Significant progress for RZD has been the reduction of tariffs for export-import shipments through the North-South route by almost half compared to the previous year, Alexander Siverstev emphasized.

The RZD Logistics official noted that the company plans to further expand the geography of shipments and include all regions of the country in this corridor.

In addition, a fourth container train has been organized, departing from the Formachovo station of the South Ural Railway. For the first time, the train will pass through the Ak-Yayla border crossing (Turkmenistan) - Incheburun (Iran), which will lead to a reduction in delivery time by several days.

The new route is an addition to the service for sending container trains from the stations of the South Ural Railway in the direction of the Iranian seaport of Bandar Abbas through the Sarakhs border crossing. This service has already entered the monthly basis and is focused on a wide range of cargo.

Earlier, the CEO of Russian Railways (RZD) Oleg Belozerov, stated that RZD aims to transport 1 million tons of cargo along the eastern branch of the international North-South transport corridor through Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan this year.

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