Business in Turkmenistan’s Ahal Starts Organic Fertilizer Production

Business in Turkmenistan’s Ahal Starts Organic Fertilizer Production

The enterprise of Entrepreneur Arslan Garajayev located in Ak Bugday district of Turkmenistan’s Ahal province has established the production of organic fertilizers, the country’s Rysgal newspaper reported on Monday.

The Entrepreneur, a member of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan, produces in his enterprise the liquid organic fertilizer Nourivit Plus, which has been widely used in agriculture. This fertilizer is produced using beneficial microorganisms, according to the report.

The organic fertilizer has an important advantage of no chemical additives. In addition, this fertilizer is suitable for growing different types of plants including wheat, cotton, vegetable crops and orchards.

The fertilizer is applied in spring on leaves of fruit trees and plants, when they have 2-4 leaves. The use of organic fertilizers plays an important role in enhancing soil and plant productivity. Moreover, organic fertilizers help to protect crops from various diseases and pests.

Oorganic fertilizer on the basis of Nourivit Plus technologies has been tested against diseases and pests of crops and gardens in soil and weather conditions of Turkmenistan, which resulted in the development and implementation of methods, rules and application season of the solution in agriculture and horticulture.