Uzbekistan Interested In Having Its Own Vessels on Caspian Sea

Uzbekistan Interested In Having Its Own Vessels on Caspian Sea
Baku International Sea Trade Port, Azerbaijan (Photo: Baku Port)

Uzbekistan is interested in having its own vessels on the Caspian Sea to increase transportation along the Trans-Caspian route, the Baku-based Report news agency reported citing a statement by Bekzod Kholmatov, Director of the Center for the Study of Transport and Logistics Development under the Ministry of Transport of Uzbekistan

Kholmatov stated that Uzbekistan is also interested in participating in shipbuilding projects with Azerbaijan. He emphasized that Uzbekistan aims to establish its own fleet on the Caspian Sea, which is particularly important for a landlocked country like Uzbekistan. Tashkent is prepared to collaborate with other nations on this matter, he added.

Kholmatov highlighted that Uzbekistan is actively working on constructing its own terminal in the port of Baku.

Additionally, the agreements reached with Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan in the field of shipping will facilitate the efficient and prompt resolution of all urgent matters, according to Bekzod Kholmatov.

In July of this year, representatives from Turkmenistan's Demiryollary (Railways) OJSC and Uzbekistan Temir Yollari expressed interest in developing the throughput capacity and increasing the volume of container cargo transportation along the route from the Farap/Khodjadavlet export point to the Turkmenbashi port and back to the Farap/Khodjadavlet export point.