Turkmen Enterprise Ajaýyp Gurluşyk Building 23 Facilities

Turkmen Enterprise Ajaýyp Gurluşyk Building 23 Facilities
Ajaýyp Gurluşyk specialists check the progress of work at the construction site

The private company Ajaýyp Gurluşyk is currently building 17 residential buildings in Ashgabat, the capital of Turkmenistan, as well as five secondary schools and a kindergarten in the country's provinces, the country’s official media reported on Thursday.

According to the Head of Ajaýyp Gurluşyk Berdimyrat Garliyev, the company's specialists are currentlybuilding 960-seat secondary schools in the Baherden district of Ahal province, the Yoloten district of the Mary province, the Farap district of Lebap province, a 500-seat school in the city of Seydi, as well as a 600-seat school and a 240-seat kindergarten in the city of Dashoguz.

The company is also building eight 9-storey 54-apartment residential buildings and nine 9-storey 36-apartment residential buildings in the Parahat-7 residential complex in Ashgabat.

The Ajaýyp Gurluşyk Head noted that for construction work, the company purchases non-mineral building materials (sand, crushed gravel, gravel mixtures) from the Kaka, Gekdepe, Galaimor mines, cement from the Lebap, Baherden cement plants. Berdimyrat Garliyev added that 60 units of construction equipment are currently in operation.

At the first stage of the construction of the city of Arkadag, Ajaýyp gurluşyk built two buildings for various purposes and six modern residential buildings.

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