Turkmen Scientists Develop Safe and Useful Semi-Finished Food Products

Turkmen Scientists Develop Safe and Useful Semi-Finished Food Products
Developed melon concentrate (Photo: ORIENT)

Turkmen scientists have developed safe and beneficial semi-finished food products, ORIENT news agency reported on Tuesday.

The new semi-finished products include instant noodles with seasonings, powdered juices, soups, as well as pumpkin and corn flour.

Special attention was given to the development of instant noodles, which differ from most similar products in that they do not contain monosodium glutamate, preservatives, and artificial colors. The dish's uniqueness lies in the use of traditional crushed fried lamb fat.

Scientists also focused on the development of watermelon and melon concentrates, which allow avoiding the use of chemical additives in many products and medications. Research has shown that the resulting product can have a positive impact on vision, skin and hair condition, as well as be beneficial for kidney function. Additionally, it can be used in sports supplements, baby food, and medications.

Among other developments by the scientists are different types of dry soups, such as pea, vegetable, pumpkin, and corn, as well as garlic powder, which is eight times more cost-effective than regular garlic cloves while containing the same concentration of beneficial substances.

The scientists aim to continue their work on utilizing ingredients from the national cuisine, such as creating chips made from fried lamb fat (chigirdek). Local researchers intend to fully integrate natural additives into the food industry and the public catering sector.

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