Kazakhstan Mulls Export Route to Gulf Countries Via Iran

Kazakhstan Mulls Export Route to Gulf Countries Via Iran
Meeting of Kazakh Deputy Prime Minister Serik Zhumangarin and CEO of Simatech Shipping & Forwarding Davood Tafti (Photo: Ministry of Trade and Integration of Kazakhstan)

Kazakhstan is actively working on the development of the shortest direct route for delivering its export food products to the markets of the Gulf countries, the Middle East, Pakistan, India, and East Africa, the Ministry of Trade and Integration of Kazakhstan announced on Tuesday.

The issues related to the creation of this route were discussed during a meeting last week between Serik Zhumangarin, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Trade and Integration of Kazakhstan, and Davood Tafti, CEO of Simatech Shipping & Forwarding, which is part of the AD Ports group.

As part of this initiative, a joint venture is planned to be established with Abu Dhabi Ports, a subsidiary of the AD Ports Group, a leading global player in maritime trade and logistics.

The main goal of this initiative is to supply agricultural products from the port of Kuryk in Kazakhstan to the Gulf countries via a new route through the ports of Amirabad and Bandar Abbas in Iran.

This new route will provide Kazakh exporters with unique opportunities, providing access to Iranian ports such as Amirabad, Bandar Abbas, Bandar Khomeini, Chabahar, as well as Khalifa and Fujairah ports in the UAE.

Subsequently, the Kazakh products can be delivered to all ports in India, Pakistan, the Far East, and the eastern coast of Africa. The sides also consider the possibility of delivering goods to European countries.

The parties additionally discussed possible routes for delivering goods through the Caspian Sea to Iran with further transit to the Gulf countries.

The main ports for this initiative will be Kuryk in Kazakhstan and Khalifa in the UAE. Both ports will be equipped with the necessary infrastructure and technical equipment. In total, Kazakh exporters will be able to cross the territory of Iran in 2-3 days.

As per report by the Kazinform news agency last week, Kazakhstan has reached an agreement on a 30 percent discount on the transit of goods through Turkmenistan to Afghanistan.